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    Real-time 3D Walkthrough | Interactive Configurator


The Real-time 3D Walkthrough with Interactive Configurator is a new add-on we developed to our solution for real estate developers - Interactive Sales Engine - to showcase and customise the interior of new build properties.

This new extension brings client experience to a new level allowing deep immersion into the project. Home buyers can explore, understand and interact with their future home before its construction.


Real-time 3D Walkthrough

Clients can get immersed in their future home and be reassured about the purchasing decision they are about to make.

Real-time 3D experiences make the home-buying process more informative and more enjoyable by allowing buyers to explore every detail of the space from the comfort of their home. 


Interactive Configurator

This feature gives a unique experience to customers by showing them all the option and allowing them to choose the finishes and color scheme to fully customise the apartment to their future home.

This way, communication errors, failure factors, costs and constructional waste can be minimised and eliminated.


Still images captured in the real-time 3D scene

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