Marina Quarter

Marina Quarter
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    Marina Quarter

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    13th District, Budapest

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    Interactive Sales Engine | animation | 360° panorama images | 3D renderings


Marina Quarter is a new urban area to be born near the Danube riverside, in Budapest. Marina Garden, Marina Life and Marina Portside are the three new residential developments in this area by Cordia, a subsidiary of Futureal Group, one of Central Europe’s 20 largest property development and investment groups.

A comprehensive 3D model of the exterior and the surrounding of each development was created.

The sales and marketing offer consisted of our Interactive Sales Engine for touchscreen and for web with real-time 3D search functionality, animations, 360° panoramic tours and conventional rendered still images.


  • Featuring

    Interactive Sales Engine

    A multi-platform sales and marketing tool supporting the customer journey from awareness to purchase.


Our Interactive Sales Engine has been successfully used at property tradeshows and sales offices.


We created this cinematic clip by using animations exported from our Interactive Sales Engine. The video can be used to promote the development project on the property developers website and on social media platforms.

We put together this animation to present the new urban quarter highlighting all new developments and changes in the infrastructure.


360° images show visitors how the new development fits into the cityscape. The 360° images can be included in our Interactive Sales Engine or used separately as digital marketing content.

“With the Beyond Visual showroom there’s a possibility to connect with the flat straight away without actually taking the clients to the real estate. It’s more loveable and liveable like this. It’s an important part of the decision process. It has a very strong effect on conversion. Many people make positive decisions straight after or a few days after the presentation.”

Ivan Tettemanti
Deputy Sales Director, Cordia Hungary Ltd.

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