Gateway Office Park

Gateway Office Park
  • Project

    Gateway Office Park

  • Client

    CPI Group Hungary

  • Location

    13th district, Budapest

  • Services

    Interactive 3D presentation


Many property developers have recognised the issue of their website not being exciting and interactive enough.

The same applying to CPI, they wished to create a visually more appealing website that is at the same time more useful to visitors. They didn’t know how to achieve that and they hadn’t stumbled upon any remarkable solutions from competitors either: most websites in this business are dull and static, with embedded Google maps and a photo gallery for each development.

CPI endeavoured to find a solution, an online tool with unique features of development showcasing and providing detailed information in a user-friendly and tasteful way.



The main challenge was to find the right online tools that can be embedded in the website and convey all necessary information to clients - in a visually immersive way.

Accessibility is of key importance in the case of office buildings, as well as facilities and services available in the neighbourhood during office hours.



The solution we came up with is an interactive online real estate presentation tool that gives clients a full picture of the development from the surrounding area to the reception desk. The demo is accessible online - to anybody, from anywhere.

Google Earth ignited the brainstorming process with its photo-based 3D views of public spaces. The quality, however, is poor and not entertaining enough.

Since Gateway Office Park was already an existing office building at the time, we first took pictures of the building and its surroundings, including drone pictures. Aerial panoramic images have been incorporated in the demo, hence the experience is similar to looking around from a hot-air balloon from a few hundred meters above.

In order to have a realistic presentation of the area, all important buildings, roads, bus stops, and public transportation are labelled - good accessibility is of key importance with office buildings.

Zooming in on the building, the structure can be viewed in detail and all around - 360 degrees rotation is available.

The interior of the building, the office spaces can be explored by clicking on pulsing icons.

Due to a unique solution, apart from the panorama mode, a 3D floor plan view is also accessible. The latter views enable a better understanding of sizes, spaces, and locations.


Live Project


CPI Hungary is so happy with our interactive online real estate presentation tool fitted to their individual needs that they have sent their material elaborated with the tool abroad. Moreover, there are negotiations about further projects.



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