Bard utca 3

Bard utca 3
  • Project

    Bard utca 3

  • Client

    Lighthouse Operations

  • Location

    9th District, Budapest

  • Services

    Interactive Sales Engine Touch & Web | 360° panoramic tours | exterior & interior renderings


BARD UTCA 3 is a new residential property development project with 31 modern apartments in a rapidly developing area of Budapest. 

Our client, Lighthouse Operations, wanted to differentiate themselves from other residential developments in the area. They needed a solution which truly represented their high-end development and conveyed their brand message to potential customers.

Lighthouse Operations were looking for a turnkey solution to present all necessary information and to sell off-the-plan properties directly to home-buyers without hiring commission-based real estate agents. 

They commissioned us to create a multi-platform solution that allowed them to show the exterior and the interior of the new-builds both online and at their sales office. 

They also wanted to show homebuyers the up-to-date availability which is automatically refreshed in all their platforms.

Another challenge was how to show the current and future surrounding since it is a rapidly changing area with 8-10 other new developments planned.


Our solution

Our solution

Property Sales Engine

An all-in-one sales and marketing solution combining an interactive 3D presentation and search engine to market new build properties at the pre-completion stage.

Addressing the Client's needs


Lead generation

Informative and eye-catching digital contents that increase awareness at the top of your funnel.


An interactive and easy-to-use unit search embedded into the project website to accelerate the sales cycle.


Immersive 3D experiences that build trust and instil confidence in home buyers.

Lead generation

Digital marketing contents

We created high-quality architectural renderings, animations and 360° panoramic tours to promote on social media, generating leads to the website of the development.

360° interior tours


Interactive Sales Engine integrated into website

In the prospecting stage, visitors can access the real-time search engine directly from the website, filter available units and explore every aspect of the development - from the surrounding area to the apartments.

Key features

  • 3D model of the project and the surrounding area
  • real-time search & filtering of units in 3D, floor plan and list view
  • floor plan downloading
  • panoramic view from every balcony
  • 360° aerial photography



Interactive Sales Engine on touchscreen

In the conversion stage, a sales representative can showcase the development on a touchscreen display as a virtual showroom at sales offices, tradeshows and conferences.

Key features

  • interactive map
  • 3D model of the project and the surrounding area
  • real-time search & filtering of units in 3D and floor plan view
  • floor plan comparison and printing
  • panoramic view from every balcony
  • daylight simulation
  • virtual tour

Hyper-realistic 3D model of the development

Showing visitors how the new development fits into the cityscape.

Panoramic view from every balcony and garden

Showing home-buyers the future view from any balcony or garden within the development at any time of the day. Due to the dynamic daylight simulation, the time of the day can be altered between 8 am - 8 pm.

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