Interactive sales app

Futuristic Sales Solutions for Next-Gen Developers




Interactive sales app

Futuristic Sales Solutions for Next-Gen Developers


uncompromising solution for real estates

uncompromising solution for real estates


An all-in-one sales and marketing solution combining an interactive 3D presentation and search engine to market new build properties at the pre-completion stage.

Upon experiencing a seamless photoreal 3D exterior visualization project on a state-of-the-art interactive touch table, multi-touch display, immense video wall, an array of novel marketing possibilities begins to unfold at your fingertips.


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Use our touch screen solution in your sales office, on a video wall, and impress your customers like never before!



Discover how Showroom system can generate excitement  and position your company at the forefront, with a guaranteed wow effect.



The showroom system can be streamed from the cloud and our customers love to use it during video calls for remote sales.


Key features

Immersive presentation

Step into a fully immersive experience, where buyers can explore your beautifully integrated real estate development. With its interactive capabilities, buyers have access to instant visual answers to any and all questions, empowering them to make informed decisions quickly and confidently. 


Immersive presentation

Spacial visual filter

Spacial visual filter

Our system offers a spatially-aware search experience, with real-time CRM connectivity ensuring that property details and avaliabilitis are instantly updated. With a comprehensive view of the development and the wealth of information superchargers the search process, empowering buyers to make confident and informed decisions about their next home.


Living environment

Animated elements can add a new dimension of excitement to your project, whether it's showcasing sleek cars, playful children, athletic performers, or the graceful movements of soaring birds. With our stunning animations, you can help potential buyers immerse themselves in the future environment and picture themselves living their best lives.


Living environment

Sunlight simulation

Sunlight simulation

When it comes to buying a home, one of the most crucial factors is the orientation of the property. With our system, you can accurately showcase the level of sunlight your balcony will receive during different times  and hours of the year. Make informed decisions with confidence, knowing exactly how much shade or sunlight your balcony will receive and whether it's right for you.

Experience your sight

An accurate and detailed 3D model of the environment is a vital component in helping potential buyers visualize their future view in different times of the day. By showcasing the stunning vista from each balcony, we can streamline the sales process and enable buyers to make quick and confident decisions.


Experience your sight

Compare side by side

Compare side by side

After presenting the location, surroundings, building structure, and apartments, we reach the decision-making stage where the compare favorites function comes in handy. With the help of the system, we can easily compare the apartment detailes, their views side by side, thus facilitating a quick and thoughtful decision.


4K resolution

Optimized for crystal-clear, high-resolution touch screens, delivers a maximum user experience, with every detail presented in stunning clarity.

Cloud based

Our system can be streamed from the cloud, offering salespeople the flexibility to work remotely and sell from anywhere. With this feature, there are no physical limitations to where or when you can make a sale.


In addition to high-quality renders and marketing videos, our system also allows for the integration of live camera feeds or photographs from the construction site.

Real-time CRM

Our system's real-time database connectivity ensures that any changes to availability, property details, floor plans, and more are instantly updated in the system.

Points of interest

Elevate your project highlights to the next level with our dynamic presentations, complete with additional information, text, images and special animations.


Want to know how far away something is from your balcony? With our easy-to-use measuring tools, you'll never have to wonder again. Get precise measurements and leave no question unanswered.

FAQ for Interactive Sales APP

X Why visual representation is so important in 2024?

Enhancing your property's appeal through high-quality images and informative visual solutions can have a profound impact on its market performance. By integrating these elements into your listings, you can anticipate a noticeable increase in transaction prices, potentially ranging from 3-7%.

Additionally, this approach can significantly expedite the selling process, reducing time on the market by approximately 20%. This strategy does more than just attract potential buyers with a vibrant and engaging depiction of the property; it also yields concrete advantages for sellers. Investing in top-tier visual marketing is a smart move to distinguish your listings and catalyze successful sales outcomes.

X What sets Beyond Visual apart from other 3D providers?

Beyond Visual differentiates itself from other 3D providers by delivering market-leading quality coupled with top-notch customer support and a commitment to continuous innovation. Beyond Visual provides not just solutions, but a comprehensive, evolving service tailored to anticipate and meet client needs, keeping them at the forefront of digital transformation.

X Who is the WEB SALES SOLUTION recommended for?

The goal of the WEB SALES SOLUTION is to generate leads and facilitate remote sales.

This solution is seamlessly integrated into our clients' websites and is available online 24/7. Its user-friendly design requires no training, allowing even novice users to operate it easily. With more than 80% of home seekers beginning their search online, our solution, which is platform-free, can be used on any device from mobile phones to PCs. It loads extremely quickly on mobile devices to prevent user drop-off due to waiting times.

Our clients' sales teams have integrated it into their online sales processes, and they use this system for remote sales during video calls. It's an extremely powerful sales support tool in the hands of the salespeople, as it saves a great deal of time for both the client and the salesperson.


To achieve optimal results in face-to-face, on-site presentations, our clients utilize the INTERACTIVE SALES APP. This tool is designed to impress clients, deepen trust, and fully engage them in the experience.

X Who do we recommend the INTERACTIVE SALES APP to?

We recommend this solution to developers who market their own projects. They should have their own office where such a presentation solution can be installed. Our clients escort interested parties to the presentation room during personal meetings, where they present the development in detail in front of a large touchscreen.

The solution has been designed to maximally assist the salesperson in selling, from showcasing the neighborhood to a detailed presentation of the apartment.

The goal is to build further trust in the client with detailed photorealistic visual information, enabling them to make a quick and confident decision after the presentation.

X What does it mean that the WEB SALES SOLUTION platform is browser-independent and constantly available?

The WEB SALES SOLUTION is an innovative, interactive tool that opens up extraordinary opportunities in the world of the internet. To use the virtual model seamlessly and quickly, all that's needed is a stable connection with today's internet bandwidth standards. The WEB SALES SOLUTION system works perfectly in any popular web browser – whether it's Edge, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, and we ensure that our application is up to date with the latest requirements of these browsers. Thanks to its simple setup and sophisticated technological solutions, the WEB SALES SOLUTION is extremely flexible; it can be used effortlessly on computers, tablets, and smartphones alike. This allows the online audience to access the developers' full portfolio and all necessary information about properties anytime, anywhere. Online access to the interactive model provides constantly updated information about the properties - be it availability, size, area, or even – based on the developer's decision – prices and special offers.

X What are the benefits of CRM integration?

Integrating the WEB SALES SOLUTION with a CRM system keeps property listings up to date with the latest information on availability, pricing, and details. This helps in providing accurate data to buyers and reduces errors.

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